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Who We Are

Lexa Visuals is a Charlottesville-based boutique production company specializing in story-first wedding films at reasonable prices. We set ourselves apart with a focus on value, cinematic excellence, and dedication in every part of the process, planning through postproduction. Our packages start at $2495 for full-day coverage, drone coverage and premium audio recording are always included, and we offer elopement videography as well.


From experience, we have found that the best wedding films begin with thorough and dedicated planning. We will of course cover all the most important moments of your day, but we also take pride in capturing the small details and candid moments that make you and your partner unique. While other videographers may send a couple emails before the date, or limit the number of meetings or phone calls you are allowed, we are the complete opposite. Whether it is multiple Zoom meetings, late night phone calls, or last-minute changes of plans, we are more than happy to spend as much time as possible noting down every last detail you need captured. Take advantage of this, we dare you! We can promise that you'll get tired of it before we ever do.


Our level of involvement on the day of is completely up to you. Would you rather our team be a fly on the wall, out of the way and not distracting from genuine moments? We will be happy to do so. Do you want us to be heavily involved in directing and posing, even creating an editorial-style film with emphasis on aesthetics and artistry? Just say the word! Most couples find 4K resolution to fit their needs, but our cutting-edge equipment has the capability to record in 8K resolution if you want to go the feature film route! Shooting in up to 120 frames per second, we can also create captivating slow-motion shots that look like something straight out of a documentary.


Other wedding videographers, especially large corporate ones, usually outsource their editing to cheap editors overseas. We have even seen some charging $7,000 and upwards for a package, that immediately turn around and pay $200 for a Highlight Film edit, which is the most time-intensive part of the whole process, and the final product is nowhere near the quality that couples deserve. For Lexa Visuals, all of our editing is completed in-house from culling to color. Despite this, we still estimate a lower than average turnaround time of 6 weeks for a Highlight Film. What's the secret? Not taking on more projects than we can handle, and efficient time management.

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